NaBloPoMo - Day 16

This morning I got the girls got off to school, called my doctor's office while feeding Kaitlynn (who stayed over last night :) and then waited for a call back from the nurse.

I told the nurse what has been going on with my ankle and she said that I really needed to get it evaluated, but that my doctor was booked for the day. She suggested that I go over to the other side of town to the Urgent Care. I said that I would, somewhat grudgingly.

When Becky got here for our Monday morning hang-out I informed her that I had to go across town and we headed out. Note of importance to this story: Becky took her own vehicle so that we could stay on that side of town and then she could just go from there to work.

We drove across town, Becky in her car following me in my van with Kaitlynn in her seat. Here is where the fun starts. I get to the other side of town via the highway and as I am on the off ramp and slowing down I hear a thunk thunk thunk sound. My first though? CRAP!

I turn off of the exit ramp without having to stop...which is a good thing. The thunk thunk thunk continues and I feel the car pulling to the left. I see the light ahead is red and I know that stopping is only going to make going again more difficult. As I turn onto the road the urgent care place is on I'm basically crawling and feeling very glad that I don't have far to go because driving very far like this wouldn't be a good thing.

I park in the first spot I find and get out to look at my tire. Sure enough....completely flat. Thought at that point...something a little stronger then CRAP and then something about just wanting to laugh so I don't cry, I should have stayed home, and what the hey am I gunna do now?

Once seeing the tire, I think Becky understood why I was crawling down the road and also why I had parked on the opposite side of the building from Urgent Care.

After getting my ankle checked out I remembered that through my car insurance I have roadside assistance so I called, made sure I in fact did have roadside assistance and that there would be no cost to me, and then asked them to send help. I did have a spare with me, but who knows if I would have been able to get the tire off or spare on easily. Besides, isn't that what guys are for?? For the record though, I do know how to change a tire.

Here is where things get more fun. The wait time for my hero to ride in on their steed is 55 mintues. Do you remember the fact that I have Kaitlynn with me? The almost one year old little girl? The little girl that likes to move around alot and do things? Yeah. Wanna guess how happy I was when I got this news?

Fortunately, Becky ran to get some food, I fed Kaitlynn and let her crawl around in the back of the van, and it didn't take long for my hero to ride into the parking lot. They found me, put my spare on, and showed me how horrible my tire was. Metal was showing and tonight Andy found that there was also a nail in the tire. Me... I touched the wire thinking it would be more flexible then it was and ended up with a small prick in my finger bleeding. Yeah...I'm good like that.

Tomorrow I'm going to be bringing the van in to have other tires checked and will get 2 new tires. Even more fun!

After reading all that you may or may not remember that I had my ankle looked at today. So it isn't sprained, which I knew as I've had many sprains and I also could put full weight on it. They also don't think anything is broken...and seriously how is it possible to break something when you are just sitting on the floor? So the diagnosis is that I strained the ligaments in my ankle. I am to take it easier for the next few days (which will be fun as I run around getting tires done) and use heat and ibuprofen for pain. I am also suppose to keep using it some so that it doesn't tighten up or the arthritis that I have doesn't get worse. (yes, I am young to have arthritis...I'm special like that. body hates me) So rest, but keep going, and also...while you are at it, do it with a smile. Another side note: On Friday Cassie has a field trip to tour some caves...this includes steep stairs and I'm chaperoning. And on Sunday I'm going to walk dogs. It'll be fun, but if I rest now I'll be able to walk with no problem by then. Right? Right??

Over all it was a good day, but for a while there I wanted to bury my head in the sand on some nice warm beach and wish everything away. These things only seem to happen when Andy isn't around for them. However, they do make good blogging subjects.