NaBloPoMo - Day 17

It has begun. And it scares the living daylights out of me.

Today while we were out for dinner my cell phone rang. I answered and a little girl said, "this is *little girl from Kalli's class*, is Kalli there? I handed the phone across the table to Kalli and said that it's *little girl from your class*.

Kalli took the phone and had about a 5 minute conversation with *little girl from Kalli's class". Andy and I sat staring at each other too dumb founded to really say much. However, I can say that our look to each other sorta said 'What the hey?' Kalli then said good-bye, handed the phone back to me, and went back to eating.

She nonchalantly informed us that she had given *little girl in her class* her phone number during play time.

Huh? Kalli is giving my phone number out to her friends? And they are calling? She is FIVE! Seriously, whoever taught her my number is in big trouble. And today at school she learned our new address. Great! I'm just waiting for little 5 year olds to show up at my door now.

At the beginning of the year she would come home with papers that she had written our number on that she wanted to give to her friends to invite them to her birthday party, but she didn't know our address. Thank goodness. Mind you that her birthday is in May. Six months from now. I haven't even planned Cassie's birthday which is next month.

As we finished our meal, I looked at Andy and said,"And it begins".

I have to say that I'm scared. I mean, I love that she has friends, but seriously...calls already in kindergarten? Crazy.

Add to that fact that Kalli then went on to talk about how she has such a hard time because she wants to play with girl 1 and girl 2 wants her to play with her, but then girl 3 wants to do stuff with her. I suggested that she take turns playing with the girls. She then informed me that she wants to play with them all. Again I give a suggestion...play something with them all together. That doesn't work for Kalli either. Finally I look to Andy and say, "being popular is just so difficult."

I have a feeling, oh who am I kidding? It is not just a feeling. I know that Kalli is going to be challenging as she grows. She wants to already talk on the phone...which we haven't talked to her about yet because we were completely blindsided by this. And I'm not sure what to say. Cassie isn't that interested in talking on the phone yet at almost 9, but Kalli at 5 is....what do you say to that??

Today I also got two new tires on the van. Tomorrow I am taking the van to get an alignment. Then hopefully all my van issues will be done for say....5 year or so. Here's to hoping!

Lastly, I would like to point out that today is November 17 and that I have posted everyday. GO ME!