July 30, 2009

Between packing, organizing, kids, and trying to get myself under control again....things have been hectic, to say the least.

Today started off with Cassie still having issues with that I think is allergies. Kalli wasn't feeling the best and I took her temp to find out that she was running a fever. Feeding her ibuprofen throughout the day to keep her temperature under check and a nap in the afternoon kept her content.

This morning I also had a meeting with a counselor to discuss how we are going to work to get me feeling better and more in control of things. I think we have a basic plan and hopefully things will start looking up soon.

The girls have been helping with some of the packing and also have been helping with the cleaning that goes along with moving. I have to say, though, that I will be happy once we are moved and I don't have to hear the daily questions that Kalli has about the move. I know she is excited, but seriously many times must I tell you that everything is coming with us unless it bolted down or is a large appliance.

How about my toys? are coming.
My dollies? Yes...dollies are coming too.
How about my bikes? Are they bolted down and I don't notice it? If not, they are coming.

The questions are good and I'm glad that she is asking instead of just worrying on the inside. Kinda. The questions are just adding to the constant stream of words, sounds, and noises that come from her ALL day. I'm not even exaggerating. The other day she was making a humming/moaning noise when Cassie finally looked at her and asked her what on earth she was doing. I've learned to just listen for key words. Like blood, hurt, food, etc. It is either that or by the end of the day my ears would fall off.

Last night I went to make sure the baby monitor was on once the girls were in bed. (yes we still use a saves from the girls having to come out of their room 500 times to tell us things.) However, last night the monitor wouldn't turn on. Upon further inspection this is what I found.

We figure that it had to be Lightning that chewed through it. We are so lucky that he wasn't hurt (try explaining that to the girls) or a fire didn't start as it was still plugged in.

To show how much we need to replace the monitor though....Kalli has been in our room 3 times since we put her to bed tonight.