I'm exhausted. Beyond exhausted. In fact I may be asleep while typing this for all I know. Except for the soreness. I am sore absolutely everywhere. The soreness tells me that I'm awake. Because, seriously, I'm hoping that the pain goes away when I go to sleep tonight.

Today was moving day. There you go...that sums it up in one simple sentence.

Good night now.

No? You don't think that was enough? Some people are so darn demanding.

So yeah, moving. It went better then I thought it would. We were extremely fortunate to have family that helped with our move. My cousin Matt helped Andy with the overly heavy stuff; my brother, Tony; his girlfriend, Kelli; my dad; my brother-in-law, Tim; and my niece, Kyra moved all the other stuff...I supervised and moved a little bit. Trust me I'm not taking much credit with this one. I did the packing and I'll do the unpacking in the coming weeks, but that is about it.

Special mention for my mom who spent the entire morning, while the rest of us were moving things, taking care of Cassie and Kalli. I honestly don't know which would be worse...the physical labor or the children. (which for the record...kept asking about going to the new place, me, and when they could eat) In other words...big points for my mom.

Later in the day I was graced with the presence and help from my sister-in-law, Trina and a little later by my Bestest Friend, Becky.

We still have some things to get from the apartment and we also have cleaning to do there. We also have lots of unpacking to do here. However, we got a lot moved today and my kitchen is mostly together (thanks becky!)

And now, it's 10:50 and I'm going to bed. Pictures will be upcoming...maybe. Now that I think of it...everyone that was here today should be very happy that I didn't pull my camera out. Darn!

THANK YOU TO... MATT, TONY, KELLI, DAD, TIM, KYRA, TRINA, BECKY, and MOM!! Without you, today would not have been as quick and smooth.