More then all the stars in the sky.

I am still alive. Barely. I've been trying to catch up on sleep, but don't feel like I'm having much success. I'm still exhausted. Even Cassie is working on catching up with her sleep. Sleepovers are physically and mentally tiring. It sounds sad, but when is the last time you had six 8 year olds stay at your place? I have to tell you that they don't like the "going the sleep" part of the party. However, at bar close the TV gets turned off and everyone needs to go to sleep.

It is because of my need to catch up on sleep that my banner is late getting changed. It so happens that I had the banner done over a week ago and was waiting to get a nice picture of the girls to add to it. However, my loverly daughters didn't cooperate with photo shoots and I am left with a beautiful banner minus their faces adorning it. In the words of Kalli Jean....Deal with it.

The words on the banner "More then all the stars in the sky" is something that I've said to both the girls since they were very little. It started when Cassie was just a baby and would be up in middle of the night. I would hold her, cradled in my arms, swaying with her and whisper to her that she was very loved. I would go through all the people that loved her...animals, grandparents, aunts and uncles, daddy, and I'd always finish with, "But mommy loves you most of all. I love you more then all the stars in the sky."

When we went camping with Cassie once, we took her out to see all the stars that you can see when away from the city. As we were out there I told her again that I loved her more then all the stars in the sky. And now that they are getting a little older, every now and again when I tell the girls that I love them, especially when I feel that they really need to know how much they are loved and appreciated, I'll tell them that I love them more then all the stars in the sky.

And I do. I never knew that you could care about someone this much. I never knew that you could wake each day loving them more. I didn't realize how much their pain/worries/happiness would also be my pain/worries/happiness. I love my girlies with every molecule in my body. I love them more then all the stars in the sky.