February 6, 2009

It's time for bed and Cassie is spending the night at my parents. Kalli is laying on the floor of my bedroom and asks if she can watch tv. As it is 9:15, I tell her no and that it is time to go to bed. Kalli then begins complaining...

K: But you can watch tv, right?
Me: Yes
K: Because you are a grown up, right?
Me: Yes
K: I wish that I was a grown up.
Me: It isn't always fun being a grown up.
K: I wish that when I wake up tomorrow I would be a grown up.

I remember feeling like this sometimes when I was younger. Now that I am a grown up there are times I wish I could just be little again.

Kalli then decides that she has forgotten to get something so she gets up talking about how she should make a list before bed listing everything that she needs. Then she wouldn't forget anything. My thought...if she is already thinking about making lists, can you imagine how she'll be when she gets older? Can you say OCD??

Tomorrow we are taking the girls to The Building for Kids. Cassie had a field trip there last year and loved it. Back in September we started working at earning a trip to The Building for Kids through good behavior. They earned marbles by doing certain things, and lost them by doing other things. Well, at the beginning of this week we finally finished moving all our marbles into the Building for Kids jar. Woo-Hoo! As you know, they have a hard time with staying in their room all night and each lose 2 marbles every night they come in our room. Hence the reason it took a while to accomplish.

Cassie is thrilled about going. Kalli is excited because Cassie is, but unsure of what to expect. The part I love is that it is a way for them to expel some energy, learn somethings, and enjoy themselves completely. And I don't have to come up with tons of activities. The kiddos have fun and mommy stays sane :)

Hopefully I'll get online tomorrow night to share some of the pictures and stories from our adventure to Appleton.