January 30, 2009

It is 1:11 right now. In the A.M. I've just told the six 8 year old girls that they are confined to their sleeping bags unless they have to use the restroom. I'm hoping to get a little sleep before they announce that they are hungry again. And before the parents begin to arrive at 8:00 to pick up their darling daughters.

I have to admit that while I was a little worried about having six girls spend the night in one area with me as supervisor, it has gone amazingly well. They are awesome young ladies and I'm proud to have them in my troop. Seriously. They all played well together and there were no big fights. At one point tonight the 4 that were playing in Cassie's room (Cassie and her BFF were hanging out in the living room watching Chronicles of Narnia) called me into the bedroom. They had cleaned up Cassie's entire room and made her bed. Mind you, they did this without any prompting. They said that it would be easier for Cassie to walk in the room this way. I gave them all a huge hug and told them how much I appreciated them and their kindness.

At one point in the evening we did projects to earn them each 2 badges. One badge they earned by doing a scrapbook page with pictures of them that I took at the beginning of the evening. The other badge they earned by taking part in a dance party that we had. We turned up the music, turned off the lights, and danced with flashlights. They had a good time and I got more pics. :)

After getting on jammies tonight, we sat around in a circle and I told them a little more about Cassie. They notices how small her feet were without braces and we compared her feet to everyone else's feet. They all commented on how soft her feet are. We then talked about what Spina Bifida is, showed where she can feel and can't, and answered questions that the girls had. I want the girls to understand things about Cassie and be comfortable with her. I think that tonight helped with that and it was fun to play show and tell with Cassie.

In the morning I'll be all the girls' hero and give them mini donuts and chocolate milk for breakfast before sending them on their way. Then I'll be going down for a nap. Lord knows I'll need it.

I just went and turned the tv off, tucked the few girls that are still awake in, and said good-night. It's 2:00 and I'm off to get a little rest before they are up again. Why again are they called sleepovers?