Random Recap

This post is going to be so random as I'm trying to recap from the past weekend that I didn't blog at all during. Hey, everyone deserves a weekend off now and then. Besides, before that I was on a total roll in the posting daily department.

Friday I drove a total of 4 hours for a 15 minute appointment in which we didn't even see the doctor. Can you say ridiculous? We did wonder around the outside of the hospital though and I took the chance to take a few pics.

Quick Cas, itch while you can.

Cassie has such a hard time during these recasts.
She spent her time playing on my phone and laying back letting the nurses do their thing.

The girls outside the clinic. I'm sparing you all the flower/artsy ones I took. Your welcome.

Saturday I spent the day bonding with my mom by shopping. It is the best way to bond. Not much else to report from that day. Rummaged in the morning. Hung out with my mom. And that was about it.

Sunday I did some running with my almost sister-in-law, Kelli. I have a project or two that I'm working on that I had to pick up supplies for and I'm also finishing up getting ready for Cassie's birthday party. You know...that one that I'm crazy for having in the first place. Yeah, no one has called yet to say that they are not coming and only 2 girls have passed on the sleeping over part. Gulp! So what are you doing this coming Friday? Wanna come help me stay sane?After a few hours of running, the girls and I got ready to go, we picked up Becky, and we headed to The Melting Pot.

The Melting Pot is a fondue restaurant that is so delicious that you end up leaving full and sedated. We had a girlie evening and while fun was had by all, I have to say that The Melting Pot is much more relaxing and enjoyable when you don't have 2 kids with you. Two children, that while they were well behaved and had a blast, needed help with everything and I was a little nervous about them being so close to a hot pan and hot liquids. Especially Kalli...the girl isn't known for being graceful. The girls enjoyed themselves though and we all left very full and happy.

The following pictures were all taken while at The Melting Pot.

Cassie and Kalli at The Melting Pot. Gotta love Cassie holding her sister some...

A GORGEOUS picture that I took of Cassie while at The Melting Pot.
I love this picture because it really caught her beauty.
However, she looks much older then she should....therefore I don't like this picture.

Hey, not only am a mom, but I'm female too. I can change my mind and be complicated like that.