Looking for: part time worker to fill rest of full time position

Ladies and Gentlemen....we have schedules. For the girls' summer sports, that is.

This year Kalli is playing soccer (May-June) and Cassie is playing baseball (June-August). AND, in the month of June we only have one overlap. Yeah us! I really wouldn't even call it an overlap as Cassie's game starts at 4 and Kalli's doesn't start until 6. However, it is one of those days that we'll have to watch the time close.

If you haven't received a schedule from me and want one, please let me know. My brain is a part time worker only lately and I may have missed someone. I sent out email about 10 minutes ago.

Tomorrow is my sleep study with a CPAP on and I'm really hoping that once this is all figured out, my brain will come back to work for me full time. I've grown a little attached and this time off is really a little upsetting.

On that note.... It is 1:30am and I'm off to bed.