Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It's off to Milwaukee we go

Okay, I'm not going to say this out loud because then I will jinx it. Therefore, lean in close. No...closer. Come on, you aren't even moving. Lean in close.

**Whispering: The internet on my computer seems to be better.**

The cold shoulder must have worked. I don't know what happened or why things changed, but I'm not about to look a gift horse in the mouth.


Tomorrow (4-23) I'm headed to Milwaukee with the girls to get Cassie's cast changed. Seems silly to go to Milwaukee to take the cast off and put a new one on. 2 hour ride there, maybe 1 hour there, and another 2 hours back. Crazy, I know. I'm going to try to get Cassie into another doctor down at Children's for the next time we are down there. At least then I'll be seeing two doctors for my 4 hours of drive. Still doesn't seem to equal out though.

On this trip, Kalli will be coming along as Andy can't keep taking time off to get her off to school. Kalli is looking forward to the trip....even though she will probably sleep a good portion of the ride. You see, my little Kalli girl gets car sick, therefore, we have to give her motion sickness pills when we travel any distance. It is getting to the point that anything more then across town is too far. And for some reason, the pills make her sleep. Not that I'm necessarily least I'm not listening to "I'm bored" and "Are we almost there?"

Also on this trip, my mother-in-law has volunteered to ride along to keep me company. So I'll have someone other then the girlies to talk to. I still plan on taking some 5-hour energy because I'm still no better with the not feeling tired situation. I go on this coming Friday to sleep at the clinic again with a CPAP machine to hopefully get this situation fixed. I really am not enjoying the falling asleep during the day feeling.

Alright, it is now almost 1am. I have to be up, showered, dressed, have the kids ready, and be at my mother-in-law's home for 6:30am. This would be my cue to go to bed.

I'm bringing my camera tomorrow so hopefully I'll have some pictures to share in my post tomorrow night.