April 19, 2010

Computers are a pain, sometimes. Okay...maybe even more then sometimes.

Right now I want to kick my desktop computer. For some unknown reason it won't load internet pages. It is connected to the internet, but that is it. It's like it is connected but can't fully communicate with the internet or something. I don't know...all I do know is it is flippin' annoying.

So, at the moment I'm using the laptop and giving my computer the silent treatment. That'll teach it!

I'm so proud of Cassie. Today I took the girls to school as I was going to keep Cassie home this morning because she had an appointment, but decided to sent her for that hour and then pick her up. Upon getting in the car, I realized that we didn't have her wheelchair. Instead, her chair was in Andy's car. At his work. On the west side of town. UGH!

I dropped the girls at school, came home to take a quick shower, ran across town to get chair, came back across town to the school, and then took Cassie to her appointment. I asked her if she wanted to try without the wheelchair for the day or if she wanted it and she said that she wanted to go without it. I was so impressed that she made the decision to try without it. And I have to say that when she came home today and asked if she could take the chair tomorrow because she has gym, but on Wednesday she doesn't want to take it again, I could have burst with pride. She is making these decisions on her own and whether she knows it all she is becoming more independence and building up those muscles and therefore her endurance. Have I mentioned how proud of her I am? I kinda want to come up with some sort of reward for her doing this on her own, but I don't know what I would do.

She has grown up so much in the past few weeks that I find myself looking at her in awe. Where did my baby go? And who is this pre-teen?

On Wednesday, the 21st, Cassie and Kalli will be having their Marathon of Knowledge at school. This is a major fundraiser for the school and consists of the kids each memorizing 100 grade appropriate questions. The girls work on getting donations that are collected after the marathon day. As this is our first year doing this, we've really sucked at the getting donations part. Therefore, "Hi...Cassie and Kalli are participating in a Marathon of Knowledge this year where they help to raise money for the school by increasing their knowledge by memorizing 100 questions. Would you care to donate anything? You can either contribute a flat amount or by how many questions the girls get correct. Money is not collected until after Wednesday but is due by April 30th." Let me know if you are interested in donating, but have not done so. This happens to be the largest fund raiser for the school so it is fun. All the kids in the school receive a t-shirt and get to eat in their classrooms or, if weather permits, outside.

I will be spending Marathon day at the school quizzing the kids. Sound like fun?? Yeah, I get breaks as they are needed though and food is provided, so it isn't so rough. :)

Update on Cassie's birthday party: As of this moment I have 2 calls that have said they will be here for both parts. Some of the kids told Cassie they are coming, but I don't have a phone call verifying that yet. And as of today, absolutely no one has said that they can't make it. There is one girl that Cassie said can't stay over but will be here for the makeover, but at this point I'm going to end up with a full house on my end. Anyone wanna come spend the night and help me stay sane? As of now, Andy's plan is to play Xbox all night and ignore the fact that his home has been taken over by preteen girls. Honestly, I can't blame him. I am thinking about doing the same thing.