Burning the place down

Tonight we had my brother-in-law and sister-in-law over for dinner and to visit. We decided to keep it very simple and had burgers and hotdogs with chips, salsa, and jalapeno cheese dip. It was a simple yet good meal. Especially with the nicer weather we've been having.

So Andy starts the grill, get's the burgers, unwraps them and goes out to put them on the grill. He then comes back into the house and from out in the garage where I was talking with my sister-in-law I hear him say, "what the hey!" I ignore it figuring one of the cats was on the table or something.

A little while Andy calls me into the house and says as I come in, "don't be mad and don't kill me." I always love when those words are spoken as you know it isn't going to be a good thing. I look at the stove to see ash and burnt paper all over. "What on Earth?" I ask.

It ends up that when he took the freezer paper off the burgers he tossed it onto the stove. Where I was burning a pretty smelling candle. When Andy walked back into the house there was fire happening on the stove. He got it out and then once things were controlled called me in.

I didn't freak. Instead I asked him why it was that he was trying to burn down my home and I told him that I really like it here. I also gave him a hard time about how he should know by his age not to put things over open flame. Mind you, there was nothing around the stove that would have caught on fire from something like paper as it doesn't burn a high flame or very hot, still is the idea that it happened. It was a simple mistake, but reminds you of how careful you have to be with where you put things. And how it is a good thing we now have renters' insurance.

I will not stop burning candles as I do it safely...I will just have to keep the love of my life away from them. I'm sure he won't mind as that means he will have to stay out of the kitchen.

Friday at school, Kalli got hurt. I was volunteering in the library so they came to get me to 'kiss her boo'. She was playing with Cassie and her friend. Cassie's friend was on the monkey bars and Kalli got a little too close to her. Kalli got kicked in the face and fell onto the woodchips. Her face was sore and scratched up, but otherwise she was fine. This is until I took her with me to the library until recess was over. Once she was away from everyone and just with me she lost it. She cried into my shoulder while I told her that she was okay, that I knew it hurt, and all those soothing things you say to your children to calm them.

After a bit she was better and I walked her to her class with ice pack in tow. Everyone in her class asked her what happened and were concerned about her. By the time the day was over, she was sore, but otherwise was back to normal.

The next day I took this picture of her face.


This weekend was taken up by pricing for upcoming rummage sales and also by going through everything in my home sorting and organizing asking "what can I get rid of?" I want organization. I want the 'junk' gone. I want a home...not a storage facility. I want to be able to find things without searching. And I want to be rid of CHAOS (Can't Have Anyone Over Sydrome) I want to be able to have people call and say we're on our way...or just show up...without freaking as I look around and have everyone pitch in to straighten things some.

Not that the place is that bad. Mainly just lived in, but it is enough to make the OCD part of me want to up and move. I am constantly cleaning...straightening and sorting, dusting and doing dishes, and the one thing that I'll never be able to be rid of....vacuuming. I seriously, vacuum the kitchen and living room at least 3-4 times a day. Anytime I see something on the floor I have to vacuum the whole room. And the saddest part is that I'm not exaggerating at all. My vacuum almost never is unplugged and one of the only times it is unplugged is to move to a different floor to vacuum.

Now mind you, I don't vacuum the bedrooms and basement this much. Thank goodness! But the rooms that I see the most and live in...(sigh) I can't help it. I worry about how it looks when I see something on the floor. I worry about Cassie's allergies. I worry about all the dirt that must be tracked into the house. I worry about how cluttered the room is. And yes, I am a worry-wart and I do worry about being a worry-wart as well.

All this to say that I'm keeping busy and that I'm very tired. On that note...and the fact that it is 2am...I'm going to bed.