Pumping up for the Marathon

I know what you are all thinking, and yet are afraid to say out loud. And yes, I am on a posting streak. Other then NaBloPoMo, I think this may be the longest stretch I've done in a long while. See, staying up until 1:30 - 3:00 has its advantages.

However, there are times that I'd like to be able to go to bed earlier. Tonight is one of those nights. Tomorrow I have to be awake and ready to go once I bring the girls to school. Tomorrow is the Marathon of Knowledge of school and I volunteered to help out all day. They took me up on the whole day thing and I'll be reading to kids for the entire day. Now, while I'm not positive of what this exactly means (I'll find out at 9 tomorrow morning - which is actually this morning) I'm pretty sure this means that I'll spend the day reading questions to the kids and quizzing them. This means lots of reading and therefore, probably a sore throat. I plan on bringing water. And soda. And hard candies. And gum. And maybe some chapstick.

It'll be a fun day over all though, I'm sure. The girls are pumped and I went through questions like 2-3times tonight. We'll go through them one more time in the morning to try to keep the answers fresh in their heads.

Now I'm sure you are wondering what the questions are. I'd love to type them all up right now, but seriously? That would be 200 questions plus the bonus questions. That would be a lot of typing this early in the morning. Maybe I'll work on that tomorrow, but only if I run out of things to do. That is seriously a lot of typing.

Today I received another call for Cassie's party. The girl is coming to the makeover part, but won't be sleeping overnight. Can't say that I'm overly sad. I don't know what I'm going to do with all these girls. What on Earth was I on when I concocted this idea? And what possessed me to write out those invites and allow Cassie to bring them to school to hand out? The worst part is that I have no one that will take the challenge of spending the night here with me. Something about me making my bed and now having to lay in it.

Now I'm not sure, but I'm thinking that I won't get much time that night to lay in my bed or sleep so I'm pretty much left with 'making my bed'. And I'm getting the feeling that people don't feel bad for me at all. Whenever I talk about it people just laugh.

Honestly though, I know that it is crazy and I should be committed for even thinking about inviting this many girls to my home, but I know that it is Cassie's favorite birthday yet (it hasn't even happened yet) and that she will probably never forget it. And for her, I'd do crazy things. Things that could get me committed because I love seeing that smile. Hearing that giggle. and watching those eyes twinkle.

It is amazing what one child can do to a person. I used to just think about me and now I find myself just wanting my girls to be happy. As long as they are healthy and happy nothing else in the world matters.

To prove that I'm even more insane though, because you need more proof, I'm checking into how much it would be to rent out a roller rink for Kalli's birthday and then inviting her whole class. I'd also let Cassie invite a few friends so she'd have a few kids her age.

So to recap, I'm nuts, but my kids rock because they have awesome parties and awesome parents. At this rate what on Earth will I do for their 16th Birthdays. Someone better tie me up that year.