Itch-fest 2010

So I'm not a meteorologist and I'm not a ground hog, but I can without a doubt tell you that spring is not too far off.

How is it I can say this? Sure if you look at the calendar it shows that spring is drawing closer. However, for me the sure sign of spring being around the corner is hives.

At the beginning of every spring and fall I get hives. Like clockwork. I'm more reliable then that dumb groundhog and more accurate then any of the meteorologists. I should get paid to let people know when I get these flippin' hives.

This morning I woke up itching. Upon investigation I found hives.I spent the morning passing on the news that "Spring is on it's way" to my mom, Becky, and Andy. They are all very excited over my hives. Mainly because they know that it is a true sign. I also think they just like to see me miserable.

Tonight has actually gotten to the point that I took one of my pills that helps with the itchiness. Normally I go as long as I can without taking something for it. Try to walk it off or ignore it until it is unbearable. Today, however, they are really bad already. In the past my hives start off with a couple here or there and then slowly build up to being downright annoying. This year though, they are different. I already have them on arms, legs, and on the back and palms of my hands. I'm unsure if I'm getting more sensitive over the years or if Spring is just coming rapidly this year.

Either way...I itch!

If I wake up with them on the bottom of my feet in the morning, you will know by the howls you hear coming from my direction.