March 2, 2010

Nothing witty to say tonight. I'm tired. The kind of tired that sleep can't even cure. Tomorrow is a late start day for the girls and I have a doctor appointment. The appointment is mainly just a check-in kind of appointment. You still good? yeah? cool...see you later. But also I want to talk to the doctor about how tired I've been. How I don't like driving too much lately because I can't keep my eyes focused. And my eyes are so heavy. I hope that either it goes away with my Bronchitis or they can give me a clue as to what is going on. In the meantime...enjoy pics.

From the photo shoot I had with Brady the other day. Sleeping with the bunny.

From the photo shoot with Brady from the other day. In the penguin - did the same thing with Kaitlynn when she was little.

Kaitlynn kickin' it. In Brady's car seat. I was doing photo shoot with Brady and she decided that his seat was a great place to chill.

From the photo shoot with Brady from the other day. I love this little boy! And those eyes. I seem to have lost the circulation in my finger.