Sick and Tired

This weekend has been...hectic. And by hectic I mean that everyone needs to step back because I'm about to fall face forward to the floor. I will then mumble some sounds that no one will be able to understand. Just nod and walk away at this point please because if I have to look up to face anyone I may be tempted to glare one of those "mom" glares in your direction.

On Saturday I gave in to my coughing and feeling like crap and went to Urgent Care. It was there that I found out that I have Bronchitis and was put on antibiotics along with my inhaler and am suppose to continue to cuddle with my Nyquil every night to get good sleep.

Spending the weekend on the go probably didn't help much as I'm now exhausted and wishing I could just do nothing. Of course, there is the fact that as I sit here trying to rest and do nothing, I am also thinking about all the things that I should be working on and getting done.

I'm not so good at the resting and doing nothing part of being sick. When I was younger I would get sick and keep pushing myself until my mom 'grounded me'. Yes, I got grounded for being sick. It's because I wouldn't just let myself get better that she would make me take time and stay down. It worked, but who is going to ground me now because seriously I can't tell myself to slow down. As soon as I do I look at my planner and see all the upcoming things and start running again.

For now though...I'm off to take my shot of Nyquil and get a little rest.