Ta Da!!

Yes, it has been a long time since I've posted. It just so happens that by the time my day is done...whether it be a day of babysitting, being mom/wife, volunteering at school, hanging out with my BFF who is going back to work on Monday, running errands, or helping to care for my not-so-independent mom, or some combination of them...I'm just exhausted. If there was a way to write a post earlier then 9:00, that would probably help the frequency of posts. However, even now, at 10:00 I'm still busy.

Tonight Kalli and I ran to the store after dinner to get her a new pair of 'gym' shoes. (someone should have been praying for me going into a shoe section with Miss Kalli) She has been complaining that her shoes "feel funny" for a while and after looking for new ones I figured out why they "feel funny". The shoes that she was wearing were size 11. The size that we got tonight for her and fit with just a thumb width of growing room are size 13. The girlie needs to learn to say, "hey mom...my toes are squished...wanna buy me some that actually fit??"

Also, as I'm writing this, I am finishing up cooking a roast. It needed to be made or frozen so I started it after dinner tonight. It's going to be dinner tomorrow night? Or snacks over the weekend. Or something or other.

So update on where a few things are before I put roast away and head to bed.

My mom: doing alright...still hurting some, but pain is mostly under control. Is quite independent, but still needs some help from time to time. She actually made me laugh out loud by leaving me a message on Wednesday morning saying that my "mummy was unraveling". Her leg is in a splint with an Ace bandage wrapping the entire leg and the end of the bandage had come undone at her toes and was literally unraveling slowly. She couldn't reach it (for some reason she isn't that flexible anymore) and was afraid that if I didn't come help she would have a trail of bandage by the end of the day going from the living room to the bathroom. After I stopped laughing and gathered myself together (where is the oxygen when you need it?) I stopped by her house to wrap her back up and used packaging tape to get it to stay. I thought duct tape would work better, but for some reason the idea of me and duct tape coming at my mom seemed to worry her. I don't understand why either.

Weather: There is absolutely nothing more self defeating then shoveling snow only to turn around and see the ground is already covered in a thin layer of new snow. Wednesday I shoveled 3 times. Thursday I shoveled here at home once...snow blowing at the end to clear real heavy stuff from plow. Sun came out and by the end of day my driveway was dry. And because I'm a wonderful daughter, I went to my parents and cleared their driveway...which included a lot of chipping at ice and compacted snow.

Therefore, I'd now like to make an announcement. I'm done with winter. I'm moving on to Spring. I am putting away my shovels, my ice scraper, and my stupid bulky winter jacket. I will bring them out again in December...maybe November...but not before. I'll let you know how it works out, but don't be surprised if you see me shaking my fist at the sky cursing Mother Nature.

Me: Exhausted, but loving things. I told Andy the other night that I feel like I have 30-some balls that I am juggling and I have no help. Of course, if someone tries to help and takes a ball it'll throw the rhythm all off and I will end up dropping them all. Therefore, don't distract me, ask before you grab a ball, and help hold me up if I start to fall over for exhaustion.

The Girls: Sassy as ever. Though that is what I always say. Honestly, they are doing good. They are both growing so quickly and I'm noticing little changes in them as they get older. I'll get more into them in upcoming posts...which I'm hoping are soon. But here is a little story... On the way home from the store tonight with Kalli, we were both quiet when all of a sudden she started singing. I listened closely and heard her singing B-I-N-G-O. Only it wasn't Bingo. It was K-A-L-L-I. And the beginning words were: There was a person who had a kid and Kalli was her name-o. She went through the entire song until she was clapping all the letters and then everything went back to complete silence. I smiled silently because really....that girl is flippin' adorable!