Happy Ground Hog Day???

So, how was your day?

Here is where I laugh wildly to the point where I seriously might go crazy and be taken to the funny farm. Where I'll be happy to see those nice young men, in their clean white coats, and they're coming to take me away!! HA HA

Today started off like most days, I got up and got my girlies ready for school. We ate, packed up, bundled up, and then we went outside to wait for the bus. It was 15 minutes until school started when I decided to call the bus company. Because of construction on the highway and the new snow on the ground, bus was running late. (Hello...u knew this before starting day off...plan ahead!) By the time the person came back on the line to tell me the driver was going to be to our home in 10 minutes I looked at my clock to see that in 10 minutes school would be starting. I let them know that I would just bring the girl's since then they would get to school on time. Luckily we only live about 5 minutes from school.

And I tossed the kids, the wheelchair, backpacks and everything in the van. I drove over to the school and handed them off to the para that works with Cassie before realizing that under my jacket I was still wearing my jammie top and that I had no socks on. Look, I've become one of THOSE moms!

I got home, finished up the shoveling, took a quick shower, and headed to my appointment across town. Nothing like feeling like a chicken with their head cut off.

After my appointment, I went to Target as I had something that I had to return and did a little shopping. I was almost all the way around the store when my phone rang and it was my mom. I answered to find out that my mom was calling from the back of an ambulance. I would have loved to thing 'awesome, how'd you get that kind of hook-up?', but instead I answered with "Why?!".

To attempt to keep a long story somewhat short....she had fallen in her work parking lot and came down hard on her leg which was bent under her. After a lot of adrenaline making its way through my system, some calling around, and making sure my brother would get my dad from work...I headed up to the hospital to meet up with my mom.

Again trying to keep this somewhat short....right now it is 8:23pm. I've been at the hospital since about 12:30 and my mom is now in surgery. She broke her leg....and saying this is a HUGE understatement. She did a job on her leg and is getting a plate, screws, and cadaver bone put in her leg.

She went into surgery at 6:30 and I was told that it would be a 1.5-2 hour surgery. I'm waiting for the doctor to come in to tell me how it went and that she is in recovery. Where she will spend another hour. I am looking to meet up with her back in her room and talk maybe for a few minutes before I head home and let her get some sleep. I know from experience that after surgeries you are normally drowsy and want to sleep...though if I remember correctly my mom is wide awake after surgeries.

I, however, am not wide awake at this moment. It has been a somewhat stress inducing day and I'm getting worn out. Adrenaline is wearing off and now my body wants to crash. I do, however, want to be sure that she is okay and that everything is okay so that I can actually sleep.

On the good side...tomorrow is a late start day for the girls. This means we don't have to be to school until an hour after the normal start time. Then I am spending the day at school volunteering....or at least that is the plan as of now.

I'm now off to fidget until the doctor comes to tell me how things went.

UPDATE: The doctor came out to talk to me about 20 minutes after I saved this post. He said that everything went as well as could be expected. He did however say that it was like putting together a jigsaw puzzle and that she really smashed the bone. This was at 8:45. The doctor said that she would be in recovery for about 45 minutes.

Then I waited. Tony and Kelli came up and we waited. Finally around 10, they called out to the waiting room from recovery and said that she was doing alright, but her oxygen levels weren't staying up on their own so they needed her C-pap machine that we had with us. They came out to get it and told us that she would be in her room in about 30 minutes.

We headed to her room and waited some more. At 11:15 my mom finally made it back to her room. The nurse that had been in recovery with her told me that they had someone come up from respiratory to hook up oxygen to her c-pap to help get her levels up. (when I asked they said they think the reason they aren't staying up is because of the pain meds making her breathe more shallow) They plan on watching her all night to make sure it stays up...when they took it in the room it was at 85 percent and they had her put her c-pap mask back on.

My mom is hurting very badly and even with the pain meds was in obvious pain. It was very hard for me to see. My mom is always so strong and comes out of surgeries quite well. This time it isn't so. I know that this surgery was pretty major and that once the pain is under control the person I know as so strong will be back, but seeing her like this made me want to just crawl in bed next to her, stroke her head, and try to keep her safe. I half thought about just staying there the night to be close to her and watch her.

I'm hoping that over the night the pain meds start to do their thing and that she has a little break from the extreme pain. I don't like my mommy hurting...that much I've really learned today.

It is now 12:30 in the morning...I'm gunna catch some sleep before the kiddos are up and ready to go. Thank goodness for 1 hour late start tomorrow at school. :)

Oh...and by the way. The groundhog sucks! He always sees his flippin shadow!