February 25, 2010

I started a post earlier today, but somehow it didn't come all together yet and the night is drawing to an end. So, for the night I'm putting the other post on the back burner to simmer til tomorrow and whipping up a replacement post for tonight's position.

Today the girls came off the bus asking about going to the schools' Movie Night tonight. I had seen the info come home, but was kinda hoping that the girls wouldn't want to go or would forget about it. Have I mentioned the tiredness? Or the sickness? Or the justwantingtostayhomeness?

Well, my hopes didn't come to fruition as the principal made an announcement at the end of the day and some of their friends said they were going. The first thing out of each of the girls' mouths when they saw me was about the Movie Night. So I said that we'd see and that I would talk to daddy and Auntie Becky (who we were spending the evening with also)

We did end up going to the school with sleeping bags and pillows in tow. Kalli brought her blanket and they both whined about not having brought stuffed animals. Also, I felt a little guilty about not letting them wear their jammies as most everyone there had their jammies on. Just add that to the list of guilt-givers for me. Let's also add to that list the fact that I'm sure this is just how Becky wanted to spend her evening...sitting in a elementary school gym watching a childrens' movie. Boy, I know how to show people a good time. For a good time call : 1-800-go-paula!

The movie that was playing was "Up!" and it is a pretty good movie. The girls enjoyed themselves...for the most part. There was some drama because Kalli couldn't see....Cassie's friends kept moving to get a better was warm in the gym...and at one point Cassie was crying because she was tired. Why was she tired? Because it was dark. And she was warm. And she shoulda bought an animal with.

Oiy! That is how I felt about that one. I went to get her a drink and when I came back her friends were over talking to her so I gave them some time with her and she was better. YEAH for friends!

The complaints ended just in time for the movie to finish and for the party to be over. Then there were the I-don't-want-to-go tears. Seriously...there are days that it is amazing that I have hair left in my head. I just keep taking deep breaths.

Speaking of which....deep breaths.... I have figured out something. LaMaze isn't for actually birthing a child. Once you are in that searing pain who the hell cares about breathing? If you pass out maybe someone else will do the work and you can wake up to a pretty baby and no memories of the entire process (mind you, I had 2 c-sections and never took LaMaze) My epiphany is that LaMaze is actually given so that when your children are at the age where they can test limits, push buttons, and have drama you are able to breathe your way through it with nice deep cleansing breaths and make it through the moment without putting the human race in danger. It is also along the same line of reasoning that fussy or colicky babies are made extremely cute. So mothers don't eat their young. Survival of the species.

And speaking of survival of the species....I'm heading to bed. I need the extra sleep so that I can hopefully kick this cold and therefore make it through the girls day off tomorrow.