Part of my day...

So today I'm going to try something new. I'm going to attempt to blog throughout the day in hopes that I'll actually get a post up.

AND today is going to be an account of my day. Or at least some of it. I doubt I'll get to recount everything for you and I know.... You are thrilled.

10:00 Kaitlynn arrives. I talked with Trina for a little bit and then Becky came to spend some time with me before heading to work and leaving me with Brady boy. We had lunch together too. I miss her now that she is back to work. Maternity leave was good to us :)

11:00ish Becky left for work and I've already strapped Brady into the front carrier. I start dishes while Kaitlynn wanders around trying to find something to get into.

I am also working in the closet, trying to reorganize it. I want it to be more user friendly for diapers and such, but I can't figure out how to make it work.

11:40 Brady is due to eat in about 20 minutes and he is awake and waiting...and letting me know he is waiting. I get the bottle out and decide to get a few more things done before feeding him.

12:00 Brady is sleeping. Humph... Glad I didn't make that bottle up. Kaitlynn is acting tired and I'm considering putting her down for her nap. Andy just got home from going on Cassie's field trip with her.

We are going to be going down to clean in the basement in a while and we aren't sure how we're going to do it with both kids. If Kaitlynn goes for a nap we can head down and check on her from time to time while having Brady either in the front carrier or swaddled some in his car seat. We'll see. If Kaitlynn is awake all bets are off though. 14month olds get into too much! Inquisitive little things.

12:30 Andy is feeding Brady so that I can get the closet cleaned and a few other odds and ends finished. Kaitlynn went down for a nap and as soon as Brady is ready, we are going to try to head downstairs to clean.

Tonight, between 3 and 5 we are getting our first ever washer and dryer. WOO HOO!! ( have no idea how excited about this I am. We will be able to do laundry whenever we want and won't have to haul it anymore. Say it with me...WOO HOO!!) I'll take pictures later tonight and maybe get them posted to show you their beauty.

2:00 Well...we tried. Kaitlynn took a little nap and we brought Brady downstairs. We were able to get a little done, but then Brady wasn't having it anymore. I brought him upstairs while Andy moved everything else outta the way and called it done.

I changed Brady and within minutes heard Kaitlynn's sweet call. Brady was happy on the floor so I ran up to get Kaitlynn and changed her right away. When Kaitlynn kept trying to give Brady his pacifier--that he didn't want--I decided that it was a good time for her to have a snack. She is now eating in her chair in the kitchen doorway and Brady is trying not to fall asleep in my arm...while I type with the other. See how talented I am!! Oh yeah! I rock.

3:10 Typing one handed again as Brady is eating. Good news....he has also pooped. See, pooping IS important. More good news.... my washer and dryer are being delivered :)

Now as soon as Brady if finished eating I'm going to pack him up and we are going to run a few errands. Kaitlynn is going to stay with Andy as the girlies will be home soon.

9:40pm Boy time flies when you are having fun :) It is now 9:40 and I'm starting to think about heading to bed. Tomorrow is a full day of volunteering at school. This morning I saw some of the Kinders in Kalli's class and I got hugs and questions of if I was there to help today. When I told them I wasn't, but that I would be there tomorrow they were quite happy. It surprises me that, even though I'm pretty strict with them and make sure all the rules are being followed, they love having me in the classroom. It surprises both the teacher and I even more just how much I love being in the classroom. Do I get a headache being in the room with 23 kinders? Sure, some days. Do I think that kindergarten teachers deserve higher pay and sainthood? Hell Yes!

I miss the kids when I'm not there for a while. I like getting to know the kids and seeing their individuality, strengths, and weaknesses. I like seeing each of them improve from week to week. It is fun for me and something I enjoy.

Alright, I'm just about ready to go to bed, but as I said I would try to do earlier, I went down and got a few pictures of my BEAUTIFUL NEW washer and dryer. (and yes...I know how sad it is that I'm this excited about a washer and dryer. It is official, I'm a boring adult housewife)

Not the BEST pic, but hey. You get the idea. Now I need a rug to stand on and the laundry brought down.