February 23, 2010

It started about a week ago. Kalli was running a low grade fever and doing some coughing.

A few days later Andy was complaining of a sore throat.

I felt like I was ducking and dodging germs left and right, trying to avoid coughs and dirty kleenex, and in general loving my children without touching them.

It didn't work. Over the weekend we spent Saturday afternoon at a local indoor water park and by the end of the day my throat was feeling strained. I attributed it to chlorine in the air and trying to talk over the water and people. However, the next day it wasn't better. In was somewhat worse. I spent part of Sunday silently cursing my children. I still didn't feel better at the end of the day and Andy had added vitamin C pills to our regiment.

On Monday I had Brady and Kaitlynn during the day. Brady was congested and just a little fussier then usual. And in case you are wondering...he is not a fan of having his nose snot-sucked. Kaitlynn was congested, had a runny nose, and was coughing some. And a little sassier then normal. I'm blaming this change on her not feeling the best and teething...simply because I can NOT handle the thought of her going into the sassy stage already. Kaitlynn is getting some of her molar teeth...2 on top and 1 on bottom - at least that I've been able to see. Have you ever thought about sticking your fingers in a 14 month old's mouth? I have, but I also like to type and have use of all my fingers. Therefore, I am sticking to just getting glimpses when she opens her mouth wide enough.

Today, Brady was still congested but for the most part you couldn't tell he is sick. He had lots of smiles to share though and seemed to be making the best of it. Look....already sucking it up. :)

Kaitlynn still had a runny nose and you could tell she was just not herself. Again...blaming it on teeth and cold. One of the things I found myself doing several times today was grabbing a little 14 month old and wiping her nose as she squirmed and cried trying to get away. Not my idea of a good time, but you do what needs to be done.

I, myself, have been coughing all day and have gone back to using my asthma inhaler. My chest feels heavy and to sum things up...I feel icky. And Yes, that is the medical term. I'm now to the point of the evening where symptoms get worse and the body just goes downhill at a rapid rate. A little while ago I grabbed my sweater because suddenly I'm freezing. My head hurts, but more in an achy numb way with the feeling of withdrawals tossed in there. My arms, chest, and neck feel like they can't quite support anything and like at any moment I may be seeing myself from a different view. My head on the floor looking up at my arm that is dangling from the desk disconnected from my body. No blood though please...I don't want it to be gory. I'm just hoping that when this does happen Andy will be able to put me back together again. Or I may end up like Humpty Dumpty.

And in case you were wondering. I am running a fever. I almost never run fevers. It is when I have a fever that I know that I'm quite sick.

However, I have to better by morning because I have to volunteer at school until I come home and have Kaitlynn for the remainder of the day. I know...I don't ask for a lot.

Alright...I'm off to huddle in the fetal position in bed cuddling my bottle of Nyquil to my bosom in hopes that magical fairies will come during the night and cure me.

And because I'm such a nice person...I'll leave you with some pictures. The first ones are of my girlies...they are getting so flippin big. And then some of my favorite little boy. I've been working on trying to get some good ones taken of him and soon would like to get some of him with Kaitlynn and then the 4 little peanuts in my life. (Cassie, Kalli, Kaitlynn, and Brady) I'm also working on possibly setting up a little photo shoot area in my home. Excitement!

Cassie is really starting to look grown up. Glamorous almost. It makes the mommy in me wanna cry.

Then there is my baby...Kalli. She isn't such a baby anymore.

Gosh this little boy has stolen my heart. He is just so cute. That adorable dimple and those blue eyes....Oiy!

I LOVE this picture!! He was in his car seat and his hat had slid down over his eyes while he was asleep.
And those cheeks....they are begging to be kissed.