It's a special day today people!

Tonight's blog is going to be very short because it is 10:00pm right now and my husband is making me go to bed.

I've been exhausted lately and a little on the stressed side so he is making me get some sleep tonight. It should be interesting since lately I can't get to bed until after 12:00 midnight. And of course my body is getting good at getting up by 730ish. This isn't including the times that I wake up in middle of the night to roll over or anything. (for some reason I can't roll over while sleeping, I guess)

If it weren't such a special day I totally would have skipped posting tonight all together. However, I would never hear the end of it if I were to not post today.

There is actually two important things going on today, but I have more of a story to go with one of them so I'll save that for last.

The first thing is that today is my Auntie Mary's birthday. As of late I don't get to spend as much time with her because our schedules aren't in sync. schedule is crazy so seriously it is hard for me to find time. Sorry....


Lastly, today (drum roll please) is my baby brother's 26th birthday. I still remember the night my mom went to the hospital to have him. I helped haul her suitcase into the kitchen and was very excited for her to go have the baby. The next morning I crawled into my parents' bed where my dad was sleeping and he told me that I had a little brother. I said "ok" and went back to bed for a bit. Later that day we went up to see Tony and my mom. I have lots of memories of growing up with Tony. Games we used to play, things we did, and how I use to dress him up like a doll and push him around in my pink cart. My mom said that when she brought him home I tried to take over. He was like my live dolly. I was only 5.5 years old at the time and loved babies already. Especially those that were my little brother.

It is hard to believe that he is 26 already. And not to get mushy or anything, but hey Tony...I love you and am proud of who and what you've become. :)