What a day...

This morning I had a doctor appointment after which I came outside to go and found out that my keys were in my van. In my locked van. Where I couldn't get them.

Yeah...that right there makes a day good.

Fortunately, Andy's work wasn't very far away. Unfortunately, I had to call his work and talk to his supervisor to get to him. He was able to take an early lunch and come be my knight in shining armor. Once I was in my van with my keys in hand I told my husband how wonderful he was and how much I loved him.

I then headed to a school that my children don't go to. The librarian that works at my girls' school splits her time between two schools and was telling me a while ago how she has no parents that volunteer to help at the second school. I am a nice person and told her that on days that she is there and I'm available I could come help her there. Today was the first day that I went.

This other school is a very different demographic then my girls' school. The behavior of the kids is different there, there are close to no parent volunteers, and the program they use for rules and consequences is different from the girls' school. It is interesting to see the differences and it reassures me that I'm happy with where my kids are.