January 13, 2010

A pretty uneventful day today as I didn't lock myself out of anything today.

I had my niece for most of the day and we did some playing and cleaning. She is an awesome helper. She is the best emptier I've ever seen. If you have anything you need emptied, let her know and she is happy to help.

Tonight I made a new meal for dinner and it got good reviews. The girls of course are picky and therefore aren't the biggest fan of anything much. Andy and I truly enjoyed dinner and we have decided to add it to our 'favs' list. It was an easy Parmesan Chicken type meal.

Later, after cleaning up dinner, I got a chance to sit down and do some sewing on my next project. As you may remember I made a total of 8 cube-blocks and then decided that seriously what am I going to do with many more?

Therefore, I am now making my next project. Or at least trying :) Kelli, my almost sister-in-law, is helping by answering questions and giving me some directions. Okay, maybe lots of directions. This is my first time making anything like this and Kelli is good...she has been doing this for many many years. I feel accomplished that I did the sewing and cutting of the second side here at home. Yeah me!

Here is a sneak peek of what it is that I'm making. And is not a quilt. :)