January 11, 2010

So many things to write about and yet I can't seem to sit down to write about them. And then when I do get a chance to sit down to write, I can't remember what it is that I wanted to write about in the first place.

My is a frightening place.

It has been decided that this summer Cassie will be doing baseball again through the Miracle League and because we like a challenge, we will be enrolling Kalli in soccer. When I first asked her if she wanted to play this summer she said, "but I don't know how to play soccer."

After explaining that they would teach her, I thought about the fact that we may end up being the family that has to be at two different games at the same time. This will make our summer interesting. Let's add to that fact that, if games do overlap, the girls' fan clubs will have to somehow be in two places at the same time.

So, I'm taking up donations for Kalli's soccer education. She has to be registered this month yet or she will be put on the waiting list. The cost (and I find this a little ridiculous) for the 6 year old girls is $40. Seriously? I have to pay $40 to watch my daughter run around playing bunch ball? At this age there are no positions, no passing the ball, and no heading the ball (at least not on purpose). At this age everyone tries to get the ball (doesn't matter if you are on the same team), you are lucky if your child goes towards the correct net, and if your child is playing goalie at that point they more then likely are kicking dust around, doing cartwheels or something just as entertaining.

When my brother started in soccer at about this same age my mom called it bunch ball because all the kids bunched around the ball following it where ever it went. And it's is bunch ball. Of course now, when you really think about it I'll be paying $40 to bring Kalli to and sit through who knows what kind of weather to watch bunch ball. Anyone want to help pay for it? I'm not to proud to ask for donations. In fact...remember her birthday is in May, if you'd like to give a couple dollars towards soccer early for her birthday present, I'd appreciate it.

In the last post I included a picture of the baby cube blocks that I had made as my first sewing project. I've now made 8 cubes and have decided that I don't know many people with little children so really I didn't need to make any more. Therefore, I went to my almost sister-in-law, Kelli, and asked for help in finding another project. Over this past weekend we found something for me to make and with Kelli's help I know a little bit of what I'm doing. I'll need her help at some point, but this is how learning goes. Right?

As I make more progress with my new project I'll post pictures.

So much else has happened, but I don't even know where to begin. I will work on getting you up to date in the next couple days. I think I've had enough of a vacation for a little bit :)

Here is something that changed today. Now mind you that I HATE pictures of me, so just posting this should show personal growth on my part.

I've gone from being very blond back to more of my original color. It is actually quite a change and seems very dark now with some highlights just on the top. I like it, but it is going to take a little bit for me to stop wondering who that girl that keeps following me past all of the mirrors is.

Every weekday morning it is the same old thing. I get up, get dressed, and head downstairs with the girls' clothes, and push them through their morning routines. Let's get dressed I dress them. Time to eat I make their breakfasts, pack any lunches that need to make, and try to eat a little myself. Let's brush I brush hair and put tails in as needed. Let's get ready to go out to I aide both girls is getting all their winter gear on. Head outside I escort them out into the garage, carrying their backpacks for them, making sure gloves and scarves are on snug. I help Cassie into her chair and push her down to the bus that is usually waiting at the end of the driveway. (Side Note: I can't wait til spring when getting jackets and such doesn't take so long and therefore we may be outside before the bus gets here.) The girls get onto the bus and I wave, blow kisses, and sign 'I love you' until the bus pulls away. (Unless, of course, I pile them into the van and bring them to school so I can volunteer at school that day.)

Then I go inside and take a deep breath before falling into a chair.

Every weekday morning is the same thing. Push the girls through the routine, breathe deep when I have to do everything for them, and see them off to school. And as frustrating as it can be, I wouldn't change it at all.