I used to be sorta cool

Okay...ready for too much information? You've been warned.

Kalli has constipation. This is an issue that she has had her entire life. She has spent probably about 98% of her life constipated. This is an every day problem. And I have to tell you that spending every day thinking about someone else's bowels is not how I thought I'd spend my life.

Let's flash back to before I had children. I went about life without thinking once about anyone's bowels. Even while babysitting, I never paid that much attention and I thought it was weird if the parents asked if the baby had any poopy diapers while they were gone.

Coming back to the present, I spend my days not only keeping track of my children's bowel habits, but also those of any children I watch that day. This would be one of those things that they don't prepare you for when you are pregnant or thinking about having children. This is also one of those things that I never thought I'd be posting about. Yet with all the talking about it we do here, I thought..."why not?"

This is all to get to this little story.

Yesterday Kalli told me that she had to poop. This is code for 'follow me mother as I wish to talk your ear off in the bathroom as I sit on the throne and then have you make sure that my back end is completely clean'

Usually Kalli will talk and talk and talk and....you get the idea...while we bond in the bathroom. She mostly talks about school, make believe friends, jokes, or little things that she has noticed. And for the most part I find myself leaning on the wall nodding my head waiting for my role of making sure her back end is completely clean.

Yesterday, however, Kalli decided to talk about her poop. As she pooped. She talked about how her belly hurts a lot because she doesn't poop much. She talked about how her poop looks like rabbit poop. And then she told me every time she pooped a piece before finally telling me that she was finished and how many pieces she had pooped.

Yes, folks...this is my life now. And I used to be kinda cool.

I'm hoping to get a post done tomorrow during the day. One with a little less sh*tty of a topic.