A mess of completely random things

This past weekend Andy and I came home to watch a movie together, something that we rarely get to do. Andy puts the movie in, I go sit on the couch, and I sat there fidgeting and trying to sit on my hands so that I didn't chew on them. I couldn't concentrate on the movie and I felt very unsettled just sitting there doing one thing. I've become such a multi-tasker that to sit and just do one thing now feels impossible.

I asked Andy if we could set my sewing machine in the room so I could work on my project while we watched the movie and he looked at me like I had two heads. Yes, I agree that it is sad that I had to pull out something else to do while watching a movie, however, it was much easier to watch the movie when I had something for my hands to do.

The other night I asked Andy to bring down Kalli's chapsticks, lip balms, lip glosses, and any other word you can come up with for stuff that you apply to your lips. I then asked Kalli to go get any other ones that she could find. Mind you, Andy and I had already looked all over the place. Kalli left the room, came back, went to another room, and then back again dropping about another 5 chapsticks on my desk. Seriously, I think the girl is hiding them in case of emergency.

I decided to take a few pictures of all of them just to show how serious her obsession is. And I am not joking in the least when I warn you that the next person that buys her anything that is applied to the lips.....or face for that matter....will regret it.


I've been slowly making progress on my second sewing. It would be going quicker if I didn't have this problem by the time the kids are all asleep. The problem is called exhaustion. Here is a picture I took a bit ago...I'm a little farther now. I wish I had more time that I could devote to it, but days are so busy and I do need some sleep at night. And sewing while exhausted seems like a recipe for disaster.


I've been having my niece, Kaitlynn, quite a bit lately. The other day when I had her she was hanging out in her highchair while I got some dishes done and the kitchen straightened. When I turned around this is what I found.

The poor peanut had just passed out. I let her sleep like this while we all ate supper, and fed her when she woke up. Just a note - she loves spaghetti and feeding herself. A 14 month old that loves feeding herself ends up being quite messy.

The past 8 weeks my friend, Becky, has been off of work since having Brady. I've been able to spend lots of time with the both of them and am not looking forward to Becky having to go back to work. However, I do look very forward to having Brady to myself to spoil when she is working. I foresee a lot of cuddling and cooing at each other in our future.


We recently attended a meeting for the Happily Ever After Animal shelter in Marion Wisconsin. Everyone was asked to bring a dish to pass and one of the desserts caught my eye. I'm glad I had my camera with me because I found this dessert extremely disturbing. I never checked to see how much of it was eaten, but there was no way I could get past the look of it to try it.

I just can't get past the look..... Agreed?