NaBloPoMo - Day 30 (The End)

Hurray! Hurray! The last day of November...

Yeah I have no clever way to end that statement that would rhyme. However, it is the last day of November and that means that NaBloPoMo is over until next year. And now I feel like hibernating until spring. Thirty days of blogging, in a row, is exhausting.

Today was a quiet day for the most part. The highlight of my day was early in the day when I was able to spend time with Becky. She is now off from work and waiting for her baby to be born. A while ago, we nicknamed her unborn little boy, 'Sir Fabulous' and after seeing Becky today it doesn't look like Sir Fabulous will be making an appearance for a while. Becky is due this coming Thursday, but I must report that 'Sir Fabulous' seems to be very happily wedged up under her ribs and has no intent of coming out anytime soon. Sorry Becky. (mind you that with pregnancies things can change quickly)

Not only did I get to spend time with Becky, but she also let me touch her belly a bunch (I'm weird like that, I know) and I was able to feel 'Sir Fabulous' moving around. I haven't even seen him yet, but I'm in love already. He is part of Becky and a baby (that I'm positive will be drop dead gorgeous) so how could I not be in love with him?

To put the cherry on top of my happy sundae, Becky let me take belly pictures. Throughout her pregnancy I've taken a bunch of side view pictures with some complaining from Becky. (I keep telling her she will appreciate this pictures later in her life and 'Sir Fabulous' will want to see pictures of his mommy while pregnant with him - just smile darn it!) Now that she is full term, I was wanting to get some belly photos without the shirt in the way. I wasn't sure if she'd go for it, but she let me and I got a few shots that I really liked. And though I'm sure Becky will give me a death glare, I'm going to share one that I especially like.

Becky has the basketball belly that every woman wants when pregnant and no stretch marks. And I personally love her belly. Okay, that sounds way more weird then I meant. Let's just say her belly is beautiful and full of a little boy that I hope to get to meet very soon.

And to give credit to the mommy.... Becky, thank you for sharing with me everything that you have. I've loved every moment that you have shared and I'm ready to help with any back massages you may need. Just call. :)