The good, the bad, and...other stuff

Remember me? Yeah, thank you for letting me have some time off after NaBloPoMo. I really needed the break from trying to come up with posts.

I have news to share. Actually 2 pieces of good news and 2 pieces of bad news. Which one to start with is always the hard part. If you start with the good, you have happy news right away but then you end with the bad news and it may just make the good seem not so good. If you start with the bad, you end on a positive, but may not enjoy the good because you are upset about the bad. It's a catch 22.

Good: I have a wonderful idea for my December banner and it is in the works. Should be up tomorrow. Better late then never.

Bad: When I brought the girls out to bus this morning, this is what I saw.

It does make for a good photo shoot opportunity though.

Even though it is gross.

Good: Becky had her baby this past Friday. It was an exhausting and stressful day but it ended with a healthy mommy and a healthy little boy. Brady Thomas came into this world on December 4th at 10:12 in the morning. He weighed in at 7 lbs 11 oz and at a height of 20 inches. And let me tell you...he is a looker!!

Bad: Brady has jaundice. And is in a box, but not like a mime that is stuck in a box. More like a baby that you can't hold and cuddle for a long time kind of box. It actually sucks. And I'm not even the parent that wants to just hold their baby.

However, I have to say that Brady really rocks the look and the glasses make him look like the rock star that he is.

More tomorrow...when hopefully I'll have a banner done and something to write about.