NaBloPoMo - Day 29

This afternoon we spent some time at Andy's parents' home having a belated Thanksgiving with them. The girls were able to play with their cousin, Kyra, that they don't get to see as often. And a blast was had...for the most part. Please note that Kyra and Cassie are 6 months apart in age and both in that....for lack of a better word....moody stage. It keeps things interesting. And makes me glad I don't have twins otherwise I'd be dealing with 2 moody girls all the time.

Earlier in the afternoon, Kalli attended a birthday party for one of her school friends. She was so excited about going and it was all she talked about for the past week. I walked her into the party place and watched Kalli run to hug her friend. I then talked with the mom until I could tell that Kalli had settled in and then I left. When I returned for her two hours later, she had her pockets filled with prizes.

Ready for the awesome part? All the kids had gotten tickets that they could trade in for prizes at the end of the party. Kalli informed me that she had used some of her tickets to get things for Cassie as well. Kalli had picked out 2 stampers, 2 other toys, and one slinky as her prizes. She would give one stamper and one of the other toy to Cassie. The slinky, I was told, would be shared by the two of them. I was completely impressed with my girlie. She had thought about her sister without any prompting or reminders. She just did it naturally. And the best part for me was that the mother of the birthday girl mentioned how surprised by Kalli's thoughtfulness at only 5. Yup...that is my girl. And I'll have to think of something to give her to reward her for making her mommy look good too. Ya know, I've taught that girl these things and instilled these values in here. :)

Seems that Andy and I've been doing something right.

Tomorrow is the last day of NaBloPoMo. Whew! I may seriously take a little bit of time off you have any idea how hard it is to come up with things to write about for 30 days in a row? You should try it. Maybe next year a couple of friends that also blog could join me :) (I'm looking at you Becky and Trina!!)