NaBloPoMo - Day 27

I know that it is NaBloPoMo and all, but Oh My Goodness...

When they planned having National Blog Posting Month in November, they obviously didn't think about Black Friday. The day when usually people get up super early in the morning (because we are nuts) and go stand out in the cold freezing our extremities off for deals on the beginnings of our Christmas shopping. Sure some of the deals are awesome, but seriously...I sometimes wonder if the having to weave your way through the mobs of people, the numb legs, the lines, the getting hit by carts, the earliness of the start, and did I mention the lines is worth it.

Don't get me wrong. It is fun. I got a real good start on my Christmas shopping and I know that I'll do it again next year. But I've now been up for about 31 hours and knowing that I had to get a post in for today, I'm writing now.

And now, I'm headed to bed. Hopefully I get up in time to post tomorrow. No promises though.

Gotta say though, it would suck to mess up NaBloPoMo with only a few days left.

PS. Standing in lines that don't seem to move really sucks monkey butt. In case you didn't know.