NaBloPoMo - Day 26

Happy Thanksgiving!!

So it is 10:19 right now and I'm passing time until I can go line up at Toys R Us. Yes, I am one of the nuts that goes out on Black Friday. I didn't use to, but when I quit my job to become a stay at home mom I decided to try it with my mom and brother. And it was sort of fun. Seeing the craziness and trying to get the certain things you want. Watching people calling and recieving cell phone calls asking, "did you get it? Yes, ok...then I'll get the other thing here." (how did they manage before cell phones?) Now mind you, I could do without the freezing your extremities off, can't feel anything anymore, getting trampled by excited people that didn't want to stand in line and freeze with all us nuts, and then of course there are the people that like to ram carts into the back of your ankles. Yup... Black Friday is super.

So right now Tony, Kelli, Andy, and I are sitting at my parents waiting. My mom laid down with the girls to take a couple hour nap and then will be getting up to head out with us. Kelli and I are trying to get our game plan laid out, Tony and Andy are playing XBox, and we're all trying to stay awake until about noon tomorrow when we will completely pass out.

Wish us luck. And maybe if my fingers aren't still frozen tomorrow evening, I'll wake up to post something.