NaBloPoMo - Day 28

Tonight Andy and I took Kalli along to Sonic to pick up some food for my parents and our little family. As we were sitting in the drive through, Kalli saw one of the carhops ride past on skates with a tray of food.

Kalli: Mommy, I just saw a girl carrying food while on roller skates.
Me: Yeah...the waitresses here can roller skate to deliver food to vehicles. They even get paid a little extra for using skates.
Kalli: I want to do that.
Me: Well, when you get old enough to get a job you could come here and get a job being a waitress
Kalli: I need to learn to skate. Will you hold my hand?
Me: Yes I will. And did you know that sometimes if you are friendly and nice when you are a waitress you can get tips? Tips are when people give you extra money for doing a good job and you get to keep it.
This was followed by silence. I had stunned her into silence. Seriously...silence.
Me: Do you think that is cool?
Kalli: YES! Can I skate on the carpet when we get home?
Me: Your skates are too little for you need new ones for your birthday.
Kalli: Yeah, because I need to start practicing.
When we got back to my parents' house Kalli told my mom right away about the waitresses on skates, how when she is older she is going to work there, and then she had to play waitress and 'deliver' everyone's food to them while pushing her feet over the kitchen floor as if she was skating.

The girl already has goals.