NaBloPoMo - Day 18

Today I got the van aligned. What it's aligned with now, I have no fact I don't know what it was aligned with before either, come to think of it.

According to the guy at the car place the toes were pointed out and therefore causing tires to wear and such. My thought: my car is practicing to be a ballerina.

However, upon driving it home I found that accelerating was much easier. Which makes me wonder if my gas mileage will be better now too. Can't wait to see.

Kalli didn't receive any phone calls from anyone today, however she did get a birthday party invite in the mail and also got 3 immunization shots. After dinner I took her for custard because she was such a trooper getting her shots. I mean, really, 3 shots...poor peanut. The first one she didn't cry, the second was on the same arm and she started to crumble a little, and the last one was in the opposite arm and that one had her crying. I hugged her and held her telling her how proud of her I was and that it was all done. I also told her that I know it hurts and she did awesome and that it is okay to cry when you get shots because they do hurt some. Then I told her that because she did so awesome I would take her for custard after supper. Luckily I had ice cream tickets so it didn't even cost anything. I have to say though that the thought of custard stopped the tears pretty quick.

Going back to the birthday invite. The party is on November 29th and she told me several times that she wanted to go. I told her that we had nothing going on that day, so she would be able to go. Down side to this, of course, is that I have to spend money on another gift for a child without knowing likes, dislikes, and what she already owns. I'll try getting some information from her mom when I call to RSVP, but even with some information, it isn't that much easier.

Since it is only the beginning of the year and they've each been invited to one party, I'm a little nervous. I usually spend $15-$20 for each birthday but it still adds up. I'm considering keeping tabs on how many parties they go to throughout the year to see approximately what I spend to have my little girlies be popular-ish.

Also, coming up, the girls will be doing a cheerleading clinic with a local high school. Cassie has done these clinics in the past and loves them. This will be Kalli's first, but she has seen past ones and knowing how she is, I KNOW she will love it. Rough part is that the cost is $20 per child. When it was just Cassie it didn't seem so bad, but for the both of them to attend I'm looking at $40. They do get t-shirts, snacks, and a few other things, but still. $40 for one night. Though they also will perform at halftime for the basketball game so that will be a super picture opportunity, not to mention super cute. What can I say...they had me at picture opportunity.