NaBloPoMo - Day 13

I am apologizing ahead of time because honestly this post is going to suck.

You see, it is almost midnight, I'm exhausted, and my ankle is flipping sore. Therefore, I'm posting so it counts for the day, but I am also heading to bed. I'm hoping to get some much needed rest without interruption in middle of the night by two little girls that like to come visit me. Of course, since they are both sleeping over at other peoples' houses tonight, it would be very strange if they did show up in my room tonight in middle of the night.

So with that...Goodnight.

PS...I really am sorry for the sucky post and shortness of it, but bed with its pretty flannel sheets are calling me. And so is the bottle of pain meds. With all this calling going on, can you blame me if I can't concentrate enough to post about something better?