NaBloPoMo - Day 12

Sing it with me.....

Hal-le-lujah. Hal-le-lujah.

As of 10:18 tonight my calendars are complete. This is to say that I have 5 calendars with all the months, numbering, topper, little details, and holidays on them. And I am thrilled!

I can now work on a cover for them, decide who gets which, and put in birthdays. Then once I get the rest of the year's pictures picked out and ordered, I can just attach them and...ta da. They are done.

The relief that this brings is something that I don't even think I can put into words. I feel like I'm ahead of schedule and can breathe a little bit.

Today I was volunteering at school...pretty much all day. From 9-1140 I was in Kalli's classroom and then I was in the library from 1140-3. I really do like being there and helping out. The teacher told another volunteer that I'm a life savor because I am able to be there so much. And the librarian is thrilled with me because I work hard and get things done correctly yet quickly.

When I went to sign out for the day the secretary looked up and asked me if I had been there all day. I laughed some and said that yes, I had been...but that I had been in two different areas. She just shook her head and told me that there was a cot and blankets in back for the kids when they need to lay down, but if I wanted I could just move in. I'm still thinking about it. I have to say I'd miss my family, but I could live without the whining and fighting that goes on pretty much daily.

The Body Parts Against Paula (BPAP) is again holding meetings. Today while in Kalli's class, I was sitting on the floor with some of the kids and went to move one of my legs slightly and it caused pain in my ankle. I then moved it back and again there was pain. The rest of the day I was careful, but it continued hurting and anytime I had to bend it there was pain. have to bend your ankle anytime you walk. I haven't missed the BPAP meetings and anytime they want to move on, it would be great.

I would like to note that I took socks off and pulled up my pants legs to have Andy look at my ankles side by side and his exact first words were, " is swollen". Most of the swelling is behind the ankle bone so we are thinking that I must have somehow pulled a tendon or ligament, but I have no idea how.

One last thing. We are now 12 days into November (just about half way through the month) and I'm still blogging and have posted every day. I know, I'm impressed too. GO ME!