September 22, 2009

First off....This past Sunday, September 20th, was Andy's birthday. So....

My daughters have a new obsession. An obsession that, while it isn't unhealthy, is odd. At least for a 5 and 8 year old.

The girls are obsessed with musicals. Yes, you read that right....musicals. A while back they were staying at my parents and watched 'Cats'. From that moment on they were hooked. Every time they were at my parents they HAD to watch 'Cats'. Then, trying to change it up some, my mom introduced them to 'Joseph'. It worked...for Kalli. Cassie is still stuck on Cats. In fact she has bought the VHS (yes...those old things still work) tape home and watches it in the basement everyday after school and homework. She only emerges from the basement for dinner and bedtime. I can hear the same songs over and over, so I know that she is rewinding and rewatching her favorite parts. Throughout the day she will start humming the songs.

The other night I gave in to her and showed her some videos on youtube of 'Cats'. I even found the lyrics online so she could sing along. Funniest part was when it was a video from a different performance of 'Cats' and she would tell me that it was the right song, but the voices were wrong. Her favorite character, Rum Tum Tugger, reminds me of a 80's rockstar...and worries me about the kind of boys she will bring home when she is older. Check it out....


Last Thursday we had a scare that I never want to have again. My brother, Tony, was in a motorcycle accident and was air-lifted to the hospital. Walking into the ER room he was in was one of the hardest things I've done. My brother and I have had our differences, but I love him to death and seeing him flat on a table, his neck in a brace, dried blood on his face from a bloody nose, and knowing what had happened is something I never want to do again. People that were caring for him kept saying how lucky he was and that he was doing very well for being in a motorcycle accident. Without going into too much detail...the officer that took his statement told us that Tony had all in all t-boned a box truck then skidded 120 feet on his bike before hitting a curb and being thrown into a field. The person that towed his bike said that the bike was with Tony about 20 feet in from the road and that he is surprised Tony is alive. And Tony, remembers it all...minus the time after hitting the curb at which time he lost consciousness briefly.

Tony, other then being extremely sore and having a chip broke off his shoulder bone, is alive. And I for one...am so ecstatic about this fact. It wasn't until I left the hospital, came home and told the girls, and then laid down for bed that I lost it. I cried in Andy's arms thinking about all the "what ifs". We could have lost him and that is a thought that I never want to have again. I don't know how it is that he is still here with the facts of what happened, but he is and for that I am extremely thankful.

Tony, thank you for letting me write about this because I think it is something that I needed to get out and share. Also...I love you.

Tomorrow night....Update on my 'Mental Health' and my latest appointment.