September 23, 2009

Where to start? Last night I said that I would share tonight about where my 'Mental Health' is at. And now that I've sat down to write, I'm kinda at a lost for where to begin. I visited the guy that will be taking and working with me and my medication yesterday to get things started. We started the appointment as an interview with him asking me questions and trying to get a feel for what is all going on. After a lot of discussion, questions, and some tears on my part...I have now been diagnosed with a few new things. My old diagnoses were depression and anxiety. My new diagnoses are OCD, ADHD, and Bipolar Depression with Anxiety.

Here are my thoughts on my diagnoses. OCD....duh! We all knew that I probably had it, but it is nice to have someone actually confirm it. Do I need to go over the light switch panel story? Or the other day when Andy pulled the blinds up, but they weren't level and I HAD to fix it is just wrong and bothers me for it to be wrong. Like can't breathe kind of wrong. explains a lot of why I can't concentrate and feel so twitchy and can't seem to just sit. Bipolar Depression...In talking with Mr. Drugman it would explain my mood swings, my feeling of just being angry for no reason, my short temper at times, my at other times being extremely punchy, and some of the other things that I've been experiencing. Also, the meds that I am on treat part of what goes on with Bipolar which would explain why it isn't completely out of control. Yet the meds I'm on don't balance everything so therefore things need tweaking.

Today was the first day that I'm on my new mix of meds and I'm interested to see as I adjust to them if things get better. I'm hoping for so much, but mainly to feel calmer and to not feel like I'm a horrible person that bites peoples' heads off. I'm also trying not to get my hopes up as I know that sometimes it can take time to get meds to the right level and right mixture. Patience isn't exactly a virtue that I possess though. I'll let you know as time goes on how things go. Because I'm into sharing and journaling for my self as well.

Onto lighter topics. This year I'm feeling really into autumn and wanting to decorate and such. Maybe it is the more room we have and the new place, but I really feel into this season. Today I headed to the store and bought a few things to bring the colors and feel of autumn into the homestead. Check out a few of the things I did.

ooooo pretty :)

I stuck some of the vine-o-leaves into the bottom of this vase, arranged some flowers, and tied rafia around the neck of the vase. I really like how it turned out and it will sit either on the top of the microwave or on the table.

Mr Skeleton. Gotta get a little bit of Halloween in there too :)

A few more leaves around the base of the t.v. I also purchased some window clings for the girls to put up and one of those fake spider webs that I'm going to cut into a few webs and strategically drape them around the place.

Now to find some autumn like recipes to make. Anyone want to go apple picking so i can make apple pies and cakes? Oooo...and pumpkin pies :) Yummy