September 14, 2009

Today Kalli woke up crying. When I asked what was wrong she informed me that she didn't want to go to school. She misses me. She is too warm and then too cold. She doesn't like school because she has to do too many 'projects'. She doesn't like the projects because she was to cut, and glue, and color. Every day. And she doesn't like to cut. Or glue. Or color. And when she goes to the bathroom she has to wash her hands. And she hates having to wash her hands.

Then I informed her that she has no choice but to go to school. And that she had gym. I thought that this would make her like gym...right? I must have been delusional. She hates gym. She doesn't like it because she has to move and she gets hot. And she sweats. And then she cools off and she is cold. And sometimes when she runs her heart beats hard.

This is the point where I wanted to bury my head until she left.

When I put the girls on bus she was still unhappy. But it was quiet. Please, if you will, imagine walking around trying to get two children ready for school. All the time being followed by the youngest who is constantly crying and talking. This is how my morning was. I waved to the bus as it pulled away and then considered going back to bed.

Instead I went grocery shopping...because I haven't been grocery shopping in like a month and we were getting very low on food. I needed to stock up on a few things and get somethings for in the girls' lunches. You see...not only does Kalli hate school, but she also hates hot lunch. Her teacher informed me this past Friday that Kalli hasn't been eating her lunches. I knew that she didn't like some of the things that were being served, but I didn't realize that she then ate nothing. No wonder the child is so hungry after school. For the next couple weeks, at least, I am packing cold lunches for the girls so at least I know Kalli is eating something.

I don't know what to do with my little girlie. She is so happy in the evening when she comes home to me. Today she said that she didn't cry at all at school today, which is wonderful. But I know that come morning we will have another battle to get her off to school. She is so attached to me that I don't know where she starts and I end. I find myself torn between 1. this is normal because she has always been with me and 2. did i screw her up somewhere along the line?

The funniest part about our morning antics, for me, is that Cassie doesn't say much. When I look at her she just shakes her head, but as soon as Kalli is near her Cassie rubs her back and tries to be supportive. Makes me think I did something right with Cassie...she is a good big sister.