September 8, 2009

Today was the first day that Cassie and Kalli rode buses to school. And other then a little nerves on Cassie's part, I have to say that it went surprisingly well. It helped that Kalli knew that she would know Cassie's friend on her bus. Cassie rode her own bus, a medical transport. We are hoping to get Kalli changed over to Cassie's bus so that Cassie has someone to talk to and also I don't have to catch two buses that are coming at the same time in two different locations.

I mean, I'm talented, but have yet to find a way to duplicate myself.

After the girls were off to school things were pretty quiet. About 2 days ago I ended up catching some sort of cold and it went directly for my head/chest. (I know...colds always go for the weak areas.) I received a phone call from the girls' school. Let me just say that as a parent, when the school that your children are at comes up on the caller id, it is hard not to get a lump in your throat.

Ends up that during gym today Cassie was playing kick ball and as she went to kick she fell backwards and hit her head. It is the school's policy to notify parents anytime that a student bumps their head. Which is actually a pretty good policy, in my opinion.

When Cassie got off bus tonight the first thing she did was to show me that she had a band-aid on her elbow. I asked about how she managed to fall and she said that she was actually trying to get the ball because it was rolling to the side. Therefore, she was hopping after the ball trying to get to itso she could kick it. And because she is so graceful, then hopped onto the ball and went falling backwards as the ball rolled in the opposite direction. She hit her head and elbow and cried for a brief bit. They helped pick her up and took her to the office to get cleaned up.

I sent an email tonight to Cassie's physical therapist because I am finding that Cassie is falling a lot more lately. The other day she fell coming into the house and landed hard on her hip...on the edge of the cement step. She didn't break anything, luckily, but was very sore for the remainder of the evening and had a nice bruise to show for it. I'm hoping her therapist can go over how to fall correctly with her because I fear that one of these times when she falls she is going to break an arm with her crutches. How on Earth would she crutch or roll her wheelchair without using one of her arms? There is no question that I'm sure she'd figure something out, but I'm still hoping to avoid it.

In other news, this past weekend we found out that my brother, Tony, and his girlfriend, Kelli, are engaged. I'm so excited for the both of them. CONGRATULATIONS TONY AND KELLI!!