Look...its in middle of the day and I'm posting!

So I have a minute to write, so I'm grabbin' it!

Right now as I type this, Kaitlynn is asleep on the floor and Kalli is up in my bed sleeping. It is 1:25. In the afternoon.

This morning at about 8 I woke Kalli so that we could take Cassie to school. I had already gotten Cassie completely ready and fed and dressed Kaitlynn. Kalli was slow to get moving. Once back home from dropping Cassie off, Kalli ate a little bit and then asked to go back to bed. She then slept from 930-11. Upon waking she ate a little more and played with Kaitlynn and I. I took her temperature and she was at 99.1. Ugh. Maybe it'll pass quickly...whatever it is. At noon she asked to take a nap. I stared at her for a minute trying to decipher if she was serious or not. She was. I told her that she could either lay on the couch down here or go up to my bed. She opted for upstairs away from her boisterous cousin. Before sitting down to write this I went to check on her. She is asleep and feels a little warm, but I'm hoping that by tomorrow morning she is back to normal. It would suck for her to miss her first day of school. Plus the fact that she is SOooo looking forward to it.

Funny Kalli story. Recently she has been asking me to come with her to the bathroom a lot and then asking if I would wipe her. When I pass on the offer she starts whining, "but then I have to wash my hands again". I guess it is better for me to have to wash my hands then her to have to wash hers? On the flip side, at least she knows that she has to wash her hands after using the restroom.

In other news I have my homework from the first day of school done. Now I'm trying to sort through the rest of the papers that were brought home to see what needs to be kept and what can be tossed. My desk looks a little like a tornado went through. One piece of information that I'd like to pass on though is the fact that the girls' school does a 'fundraiser' through a local fruit farm. You order online, pay online, and then I pick up your order at their school. Right now peaches are being sold. 25 pounds of peaches for $26.00. If you want to share with someone it is the way to go because seriously, unless you can them...what are you going to do with 25 pounds of peaches?? All proceeds go back to the school though. Let me know if you are interested.

Look what happened today.

She was on the first step going to the second when I saw her. I then stayed close enough to catch her, but wanted to see how far she would get. Of course, my camera was within reach...when isn't it??

She was actually going up because Kalli was at the top of the stairs.

What a stinker. And she just woke up. That's all for now, folks.