Back to School

Look...it is September first and the new banner is up. Impressed? So am I!!

Today was Cassie's first day of school. At a new school. You can imagine my nerves... I felt like I was begging someone. Anyone. Please let her like it here. Please let the kids be accepting. Please let her make friends.

As it turns out she had a wonderful day. She played with kids at recess and talked with kids at lunch. (Can you say SCORE!) To top it off she said that she is looking forward to going back to school tomorrow.

Kalli had her assessment today with her teacher. I received her 'report' and she did absolutely wonderful. She counted all the way to 69...they only needed her to count to 20. She knew all her letter sounds that they asked of her, and the teacher even pulled out some words (which wasn't on the assessment) and she knew 7 of 11 that they showed her. The teacher said that Kalli is very ready to start reading more and she was impressed with how well Kalli is doing. After looking over the 'report' with the teacher I told Kalli how proud of her I was. She was more interested in the fact that she was reunited with her big sister.


Tonight I was hanging out in the front yard when all of a sudden these 2 little girls were in front of me and one of them was saying that she was in Cassie's class at school. I called Cassie outside and we found out that this little girl lives in the duplex next to ours. For the next couple hours they played together and Andy and I visited with her mom. Ends up that her mom went to school with Andy's older brother and Andy graduated with her sister. Can you say small world?

And with that little update, I'm off to do homework. I'll never understood why the parents get homework the first night of school. Doesn't really seem fair.