Kalli's first day of school

Today was Kalli's first day of school.

Let's back track to yesterday when she spent a good part of the day sleeping. She also ran a lower grade fever during the day. Then, because nighttime is where it's at, at 5am she was in our bed and running 102.6 temp. I gave her fever reducer and decided to see how she felt in the morning.

You see...for some reason, from time to time my children will run fevers for no reason. There are no other symptoms to go with the fever and it usually lasts from 12 hours up to 48 hours. Then it is gone just as oddly as it came on. And during this time, as long as you keep the fever down with meds, you can't even tell that they are 'sick'. My girls are special like this.

So this morning we all got up and Kalli seemed to be doing pretty well. She ate, was talking about things, and I gave her a preventative dose of fever reducer. Just in case. As time neared for us to leave for school I would let the girls know. 30 minutes til we go. 10 minutes til we go. 5 minutes left...get shoes on. It is at this point that Kalli came and crawled on my lap and told me that her belly hurt. I asked if she needed to go to the bathroom or felt like she was going to throw up. She said no. I explained that her tummy was probably just nervous and excited about her first day.

We got in the car and were on our way. Kalli looked extremely serious...and a little greenish.

Once at school, I helped Cassie into her chair, Kalli came out with her bag, and I was heading to get Kaitlynn out of the van when Kalli threw up behind the van (At least it wasn't IN the van). I told her she was ok...her tummy was just nervous and had her sit in the side of the van while I grabbed tissues for her to wipe her mouth and blow her nose. (side note: Why is it when you throw up your nose runs?? I don't get it) I turned from getting the tissues and she threw up again on the parking lot. I rubbed her back for a while, talking to her, and then asked if she wanted to walk around to where her teacher would be waiting.

I was sure at this point that she would look at me like I was nuts and want to go home. But she said that she did. As we walked to the back Kalli told me that her belly felt much better now and that she was going to make friends today. I gotta give the girl credit for moving on so well. We located her teacher, where she was to line up, and then Kalli ran to find where Cassie was on the playground. I took the teacher to the side and told her about what had just happened as a heads up...just in case. As the bell rang, Kalli came to get in line and waved as she headed inside to her first day of school.

When I picked her up after school she was chipper and was telling me about one of the girls in her class. She was also very exhausted. She was asking to go to bed from about 5:00 and on. I finally gave in at 7:30. It's sad when your kids are begging to go to bed.

So, Kalli is doing a little better...was running a bit of a fever tonight again and tired, but no throwing up. I'm also looking into ordering a extra large apron for her wedding day so that she doesn't get any vomit on her wedding dress just in case those nerves are around that day.