Camping - Day 3

When we woke on our third day it was the warmest of days yet. Mind you there was no way we were putting swimming suits on and going in the water, but we were able to head to the beach to play in the sand. Andy sat down by the girls while Becky and I kept watch on our picnic table. The girls played in the sand and Kalli ventured down to the water to collect some for herself and Cassie. She waded ankle deep in the water and at one point said to Andy, "The water is cold...can you pull my pants up some so I can go deeper?" How contradictory!

We ate our lunch alongside the beach that day and after dropping Andy and the girls back off at our campsite, Becky and I were able to escape for a few hours to go window shopping, pick up the items from Hands on Art Studio, and stop to get some delicious gelato. For those of you that have never had is kinda like ice cream only much yummier.

Here are the things the girls made...picture isn't the greatest because I had to take it with my phone. Camera was dead...and is now charging for morning back-to-school pictures.

It was wonderful to have some time just Becky and I without constant interruptions. When we returned to the campsite I took each girl out on a photo walk. We walked around for about 15-20 mintues each and took pictures of anything that we thought was interesting. Kalli took pictures of EVERYTHING. Cassie was a little more choosy. And I probably took the most pictures. But then again...I wouldn't be me if I didn't take a lot of pictures.

Red mushroom. I kept looking for Smurfs

Kalli walking a little ahead of me.

Cassie noticed this and pointed it out. She liked how it looked like 'cursive writing' Good catch girlie!

These berries and leaves were just as red as they look here. They were beautiful

This was the last night camping and we sent the girls to bed while we adults stayed up. I knew that there was some benefit to being an adult. We sat around the fire relaxing and taking in the night. This was the last camping trip until next summer and it was extremely bittersweet. Maybe we should look at camping in the fall...

Tomorrow is Cassie's first day of school. When she went up to bed she was quite excited about it, but we'll see how she is once the morning is upon us. She'll be starting at a new school and knowing no one. If she is nervous in the morning, I couldn't blame her. Damn, I'm nervous for her. I just want everyone to love her as much as the people at her old school did. And I just want the kids to be as accepting as they were at the old school.

Here's to hoping.