Camping - Day 2

On the second day of camping things were still very cool so Becky and I decided to be heros and take the girls to Hands on Art Studio for some artsy fun. Each of the girls picked out a ceramic piece to paint and what colors they wanted to paint their pieces. Kalli knew what she wanted to paint as soon as she saw it. It was a princess. Cassie took much longer to choose and ended up with, act surprised, a horse. Becky and I helped with painting... her aiding Kalli and I aiding Cassie. If we hadn't helped, we would probably still be sitting there.

After the girls finished up their projects I bought them a popcorn to share and we headed to the glass area where Becky and I could create something. We did (pictures of what I made along with the girls finished items to come) and from there we headed back to the campsite. But not before I got a picture of the girls in front of a huge hippo sculpture. The head of the hippo is in the shade here...and therefore harder to see, but it was pretty cool to see how they had created it out of 'junk'.

We had left Andy at the site alone for over 4 hours while we got our art on. To say he enjoyed the quiet time alone would be an understatement. He was able to read, relax, and enjoy how peaceful camping can be. I figured for the rest of the weekend he owed us.

More on camping tomorrow.

Tonight Cassie and Kalli met their new teachers and brought their school supplies to their new classrooms. Both teachers seemed very nice and Kalli is thrilled by the idea of going to school. Cassie, on the other hand, seems to be enjoying a laid back summer and therefore isn't as hyped about it as her sister.

I have a few more things to get before Cassie starts school on Tuesday, but otherwise we're ready for the year to begin. While Cassie will start on Tuesday, Kalli has a slow start. It is something that was being done when Cassie started Kindergarten and I actually like how it is done. On Tuesday and Wednesday next week every kindergartner will have a 30 minute appointment with their teacher to evaluate them and see where they are in learning things. Then, anyone who had an appointment on Tuesday will go to school for a full day on Thursday...with Wednesday appointments going a full day on Friday. This leaves each kindergarten teacher with half classes as the kids adjust to being in all day school, new environments, and new people. This way everyone has a little bit adjustment time and then come the following week everyone reports to school. Kalli will have her appointment on Tuesday and therefore, will have Wednesday off, go to school full day Thursday, and have Friday off again. My only hope for these first few weeks for her is for her not to cry daily. I know that she will miss me and it may be hard, but I'm hoping for things to go more smoothly then last year did.