August 26, 2009

So I said that I would do a day 2 from camping tonight. Sorry...I lied.

Ends up that I'm the most wonderful mom in the world because I surprised my girls today with a day with there cousin...spent hanging around home because I wanted to get a little bit done. Then I became the most wonderful auntie in the world because I decided to keep my niece overnight. Then I decided to become crazy because I took the 3 girls to 2 stores to do back-to-school shopping. I've never heard the phrase 'Can I have...' so much.

I'm still not done with the girls' back-to-school shopping as a few things are sold out at the stores we visited. But I am tired.

Also...Andy came home tonight and informed me that for the rest of this week and probably all of next week he will be working 10 hour days. He is at this moment staring at me wishing us to go to bed. For some reason the poor guy isn't looking forward to getting up 2 hours earlier in the morning. Hmmm....

So, hopefully I'll get the post that was suppose to be up tonight, up tomorrow sometime. No promises though as I'll have 4 girls for a majority of tomorrow as I'll add my 8 month niece to the circus that I've created.

PS. Only 6 days left until school starts. I'm giddy with excitement.