Camping - Day 1

We're back from camping and while I would love to say that we are refreshed, I find myself thinking that I'm too tired to know if I am actually refreshed. Being outdoors for 4 days with young children is quite tiring. My girls had an absolute blast...however, they can't seem to entertain themselves for even 5 minutes. It made things interesting.

So...in the next couple days I'm going to share pictures and stories.

Let's begin with the who. It was of course Andy, the girls and I, but there was also Becky and her belly. I know, I'm sad...but I love it. Look at that baby belly. Becky is 25 weeks along now and finally starting to look pregnant. I have to say she is very patient with me as I ask her to pose and I touch her belly 100+ times a day. She knew going into this though, that I love babies and I love her...she should have known what to expect. :)

After getting to our site, unpacking, and setting up camp we headed to see exactly how cold the beach was. And it was cold. The wind was blowing, the water was choppy, and the girls were disappointed because they were looking forward to spending time at the beach playing. And I've tried, but I have no control over weather. Just wish my children realized this.

We ended up running to the store for a couple things, did some reading, and at 6:30 we headed to the playground that was about two blocks away from our site for a special project that the park was putting on. For a $1 fee, each of the girls made a lightning bug. Later that night, when it was beginning to get dark, I broke the glow stick that came inside each of the 'bodies' and the bugs glowed through to the following night. It was a very cute, easy project, and also helped to pass a little bit of time.

Towards the end of the day the wind calmed some. Though don't let that make you think that it wasn't still cold overnight. It actually got down into the 50's leaving a couple of us (Becky and I) chilled. However, before it got too late we took a walk down to the water so that the girls could do their favorite past time (after the beach) of throwing rocks into the water. I also got to do my favorite past time of taking some nice pictures of outdoors.

Tomorrow, I'll go over the next day or two. For now though, I'm headed to my nice warm bed. You know...the bed that doesn't deflate overnight leaving you laying on a cold hard ground in the morning. It is especially bad when Andy gets up for the morning (the guy doesn't know how to sleep in a bit) and I then sink deeper into the mattress til I am literally laying on the ground of the tent with mattress around me.