August 19, 2009

It's official. The girls are registered at their new school and will start in 13 days (September 1). Not that I'm excited or anything.

Seriously though, anyone that is a stay at home parent can understand how jived a parent gets this time of year. I get goosebumps just thinking about a day spent with a few hours without constant whining or hearing one of the following.

1. I'm hungry
2. I'm bored or
3. Can I *fill in the blank*
I love my girlies and we've actually had a pretty good summer, but it will be nice to have them back in school. Structure to their days, time to get things done without interruptions, and grocery shopping solo.

Today we met the new principal and secretary, got the ball rolling on how Cassie will be taken care of, found out who the girls will have for teachers, and also toured the school. The girls feel much more at ease and I am glad to know that things are more finalized. I still have to figure out busing, but my list of anxieties is slowly shortening...for now.

Kalli is downright excited about starting school. Cassie is....well, she is going into third kinda lose the excitement at that point. School is boring/work now, but she is looking forward to meeting new friends and she is ecstatic about the school's mascot. It is a mustang....a horse...can you just imagine how happy she was when she discovered this?

Prior to our heading to the new school today, we visited the old school. We spoke with the principal, the secretary, Cassie's first grade teacher, and second grade teacher. They were all sad to hear that Cassie wouldn't be going there anymore and hugs were given. Cassie really was loved at that school, but I'm sure that she will be loved just as much at this new school. Her personality makes it impossible not to love her.

As of now the transition is going well and I'm hoping it continues as we get into the actual school year. The girls have told me that they like our new home better then the old one and now they are both content with going to this other school. I feel like I've done something right.

Tonight after dinner and visiting the old apartment to clean some, we were convinced by the girls to go for bike rides again. Andy took Cassie around the block 2 times on the tag-a-long and Kalli around once. I followed Kalli with my bike as she SLOWLY made her way around on her bike once and I took one lap on my own. I appreciate that the girls are enjoying being outside and doing something that could be considered exercise. However, I really wish we could do it all together. I'm considering getting another tag-a-long so Kalli could ride with me and we could all ride at once. Sure Kalli could ride her bike along side us, but seriously...her little legs can't pedal very fast yet and those legs tire easily.

Wanna guess what the girls have already asked to do tomorrow? Bike rides all around!