August 3, 2009

Look...2 days in a row. Pretty impressive, eh?

I actually feel like I have something to write about right now and that I have the time. By this point of the night I'm too tired to unpack/clean anymore, but I need some time to settle before bed. I've been having trouble sleeping for the past several days because of soreness and my mind still reeling from the day. I find myself thinking through everything that I did over the day and also going over what I would like to accomplish the next day.

Today we started the day off by going to the old place and cleaning out and vacuuming the girls' room and our room. Windows still need to be done, but there is nothing left in the rooms so it is a very good start. We moved more to the new place and then I spent the remainder of the day unpacking and trying to get some organization going. I actually did very well too. Everything that was brought upstairs is unpacked and put away. I have a kitchen and clean table. The bathroom down here has a box that didn't get unpacked, but other then that every box that was brought in is unpacked.

I can't say much for the basement as I haven't gone down there to organize. The box of toys that was brought down was unpacked by the girls which means that everything is out of the box, but it is all in a huge tornado-just-came-through pile. Tomorrow I'm hoping to bring some more of their stuff down to the basement and organize that some. I also want to unpack a few more boxes throughout the house. We'll see.

Overall everyone is doing very well. The cats are fully adjusted and know exactly where everything is. Kalli is loving having a driveway to ride her scooter and bike in, though she complains that we don't spend all day outside. Cassie is having a little more difficult of a time. She seems displaced. Not quite sure where home is at this point. I've been working hard to get her room together so that she can feel more settled and stable. This morning when we went for a couple hours to the old place she broke down crying and ended up going out to sit in the van with Kalli. Cassie just wanted to go home. Luckily a surprise play-date tonight really cheered her up. I'm hoping that as we get more unpacked and more of a routine going here she will feel more at ease.

I'm working on getting some pictures, but it's like I've been busy or something.