August 4, 2009

I'm living a nightmare. Each day I wake up and see boxes. I unpack those boxes and turn around to find more boxes. I open my garage door and am afraid that boxes might swallow me up. During the night I fear that the empty boxes, no longer weighed down by my belongings, may creep up the stairs and try to bury me alive. They are lurking in the shadows waiting to spring on me. Andy will wake up and wonder why I threw boxes on the bed, unknowing that I'm under them trying to scream. The boxes have reused the same tape that I wrapped them with to quiet me. I lie awake afraid to close my eyes...for what will happen if I do. Even if the boxes don't get me I'll probably dream of unpacking and boxes, so I have that to fear as well.


Seriously though there are a lot of boxes. I've already unpacked so many and yet my van still doesn't fit into the garage. I may be unpacking when the kids go off to college. And I thought that packing everything was rough. Everyday so far I've unpacked between 10-15 boxes...some of which go directly to the basement for storage.

This afternoon I took the girls over to the old place so that I could more some of the things that are left there. It's really starting to look barren there and I expect that the next time I go over there I'll finish emptying the place out and then all that will be left is cleaning. Fortunately, we have the rest of August to work on that so we can do it slowly and schedule the carpet cleaning for the end of the month before we turn the keys over to the landlady. As much as it sucks to have to pay for two places this month, it is very nice to have the time to get the old place emptied and cleaned well.

Tonight is our third night here at our new place and we're all loving it. It's starting to feel more like home and we're getting more settled. Finding places for everything is interesting sometimes, but also enjoyable for me. I like trying to organize things and set up rooms/areas. I am asking for suggestions from friends about decorating though because that isn't really my forte. Maybe I should have a housewarming party and invite people that can come and help me make my walls pretty and I'll feed them. It's an idea... Who's in?

(Lightning in our upstairs bathroom)

(The girls relaxing before bed)

(Lightning is adjusted)